Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creating: Baby Bassinet Bedding

I totally got crafty over the weekend in preparation for the arrival of our baby boy.  My dear friends gifted me a gorgeous bassinet from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child, which we've put in our bedroom.  I originally meant to buy the coordinating white bedding but then decided to have darker bedding custom made to fit our room decor and hide any blemishes made by baby!  Instead of commissioning the work as I've done with our crib bedding, I decided to give my old sewing skills a try and with a lot of time and patience, I got exactly what I wanted and saved myself a small fortune in the process.  I am so happy with the finished product but just as happy to not have to sit at a sewing machine a minute longer.  Sitting at the machine all weekend reminded me why I never took up sewing as a serious hobby!

Inspiration: I loved this bedding set for $219

The fabric I ended up choosing for my weekend project

the bumper for the bassinet took the longest to make
The fitted sheet (above, right) was the easiest to make

And I even made a portable changing pad with the leftover fabric
It had been years since I sat down at a sewing machine (at least 8 years...) so I took a refresher sewing class this spring and am happy that my first independent project turned out so well!



  1. You're so crafty! I would have no idea where to start. Love this!

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