Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Under Construction...

Really nothing drastic this week, although it does amaze me what a fresh coat of paint can do to a home.  When we purchased our home two years ago, the walls were white and the trim even whiter (as in, florescent, almost plastic-looking).  Even though we thought about painting  it when we moved in, we knew we'd want to change the mantles, swap bathroom mirrors and change other walls, so we held off until we could do it all together

The colors we chose are both safe and comfortable.  Since the flash makes the color in the pics look unauthentic (cheap), I've included paint chips I found online:

Upstairs: Sherwin Williams Silvermist (main), Behr Silver Screen (guest) and Martha Stewart Living Spring Melt; Downstairs: Sherwin Williams Ramie
The color in the entry way ALMOST makes the tile acceptable.  Hardwoods are always best!

Paint before and after.  Light fixtures throughout the house were replaced when we moved in.  The one shown in the before picture is actually the fanciest the house had.  Gag!
The guest bathroom was transformed with a coat of Sherwin Williams' Silvermist
Our two year old light fixture needs a replacement bulb.  We also replaced the faucets when we moved in and the built-in you see to the right used to be an UGLY mirror and plastic medicine cabinet I had removed
Behr's Silverscreen in the guest bedroom (has purple undertones in sunlight)

Martha Stewart Living's Spring Melt in the home office.  Loves me some soft Tiffany blue!

SW Silvermist in the master.  New trim color throughout the house and ceiling color is Sherwin Williams' Restful White.
So there's the latest update!  I'm loving all of it!

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