Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Take Me There: Eataly NYC

Bonjourno!  I've recently overheard a few conversations mentioning a place in New York called Eataly.  Fortunately, without knowing my passion for this type of open food marketplace, my good friend Michele treated me to my first visit to Eataly in April. 

Eataly is a grand Italian food and wine market in Turin that has come stateside and landed in Manhattan. You have to go there to experience it all, but I can honestly say I was in heaven.  Inside you feel as if you're walking miles and miles in some of Italy's hidden alleys and passageways that lead to some of the most wonderful little trattorias, pizzerias and butcher shops.  We stopped for an espresso (the machine was too impressive not to) and headed to the main Piazza, where we enjoyed a selection of fresh cheeses and cured meats prepared by the butcher.  Who needs a cross-Atlantic flight when you can get a three hour train ticket to experience authentic Italian?  Buon Appetito!

Here we are at the Espresso bar

Eataly, 200 Fifth Ave (at 23rd St.), New York, NY 10010

As in Italy, an afternoon stop for cheese, meats and Lambrusco is a must!
Hope you get the chance to experience it for yourselves one day!

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  1. That is something I will definitely be adding to my "must see" list. Looks heavenly!