Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{June Book Review} My Father's Daughter

In honor of Father's Day this month, we decided to purchase My Father's Daughter, written by one of our greatest icons of style and grace, Gwyneth Paltrow.  I'll endorse anything Gwyneth, as she my ultimate girl crush, but after reading this cookbook and her personal anecdotes, I can truly say I am thrilled with this purchase and recipe collection.  

I was drawn to the book by the sense of family noted throughout.  Like most families, ours revolves around the dining room table and it was so nice to read a cookbook that really emphasized that staple of eating together.  Gwyneth's love for her father, especially, and her children, husband and network of family and friends comes out so strongly in this, and how better to portray those bonds than through favorite recipes?  Another thing I loved was how she incorporated wine into the book.  She tells us about how she and her father together discovered a passion for cooking and as they prepared meals they'd share a bottle of wine and tell stories.  Today, that is one of my favorite things about visiting my family in Dallas - the meals and the wine! 

One particular highlight is the introduction to her pasta section.  She started the chapter looking back on her 30th birthday and her culinary journey through Tuscany with her father.  I recently celebrated my 30th birthday with a wine-tasting and culinary adventure through Tuscany and it was neat to read that we shared the way we decided to celebrate this milestone.
More than a collection of delicious, health-conscious recipes, this is a personal story that warms your heart and makes you crave a big, traditional family meal at your mother's dinner table.  Hail to the chef! 

I'll post some of my favorite recipes from this collection when I'm back from Mexico!  

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