Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} It's a Cuff World

Cuffs are so bad ass!  Seriously, from Wonder Woman to the red carpet, this arm candy may look tough, but really it just demonstrates a fearless fashion sense.  After all, women have been wearing cuff bracelets for centuries.  Why let it go out of style now?  My favorite cuff bracelet this season came from none other than Target, though no one could tell if they tried.  See how this thrifty pick compares to other top sellers!
Hammered Cuff Bracelet, $19.99, Target

Devon Leigh Double Cutout Cuff, $525, Neiman Marcus

Hammered Rings Cuff Bracelet, $1,995 Blue Nile

Evelyn Knight Gold Infinity Cuff, $170, Max and Chloe

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