Monday, June 20, 2011

{We're Obsessed!} Gucci Fall Collection

It's cruel to be getting the fall clothing collection emails in my inbox daily when I haven't even stopped to enjoy my summer, so I generally just delete.  But when I saw the email with pictures of Gucci's new fall collection, I was hooked.  Look at my faves!

Shoe obsessions...
Fringe obsessed!  LOVE!

Swooning over this classic t-strap in a fall hue and with ostrich leather!

Have you ever seen a more perfect shade of Cognac? Shoes, $895-$1295

Bag obsessions...
I see Cristi wearing this to a Texas game this fall

All items and images,

Clothing obsessions...
Pleats are my favorite accessory!

I'm dying to try this look- a full-sleeved fur capelet! 



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