Friday, December 7, 2012

A Day Late and A Dollar Saved

Greetings grape lovers!  I am so behind on blogging and life in general that it ain't even funny.  But I just HAD to share my latest Thrifty Thursday find.  Long story short, I've been on a search for the perfect over the knee boot.  For three years now!  I know, a good OTK is hard to find - most look cheap, others make YOU look cheap, and few are just perfect.  And perfect is often expensive.  And I already have an expensive tall boot that I LOVE, so I was totally limiting myself on price.  You will D.I.E. when I tell you where I found the perfect boot... ready???  WalMart!  Yup.  Boots, shipping and tax all totaled less than $35.  I'm amazing.  Okay not really, but seriously, these boots are.  

As a new mom, my days of expensive 6 inch heels are not so frequent, so I've been working the wedge like nobody's business.  And I live in leggings.  So this is the look I was going for with OTK:

The oldest KK in her OTKs, via google images

Kristen OTK Boot, $31, WalMart
While we're on the subject of saving on style, has anyone checked out the Neiman Marcus/Target Collaboration?  My Target still had an awesome selection this week.  It was tempting!  What did you buy?  What's on your list?