Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Royal Edition: Kate Middleton's Fascinator

This post is dedicated to Cauffiel, one of our readers who tipped us off on where we can buy some of our very own feathered fascinators, a la Kate Middleton.  If you didn't catch it, Cauffiel posted the article on our Monday post

Absolutely no doubt that the soon-to-be princess has made hair pieces famous on a global scale (hello, headbands!), but she is very loyal to her staple headpiece, the feathered fascinator.  And, you don't have to break the bank to buy a fascinator to adorn your very own head!


Well we've found some great shops to find great fascinator head pieces.  Our top three are: Serendipity Tiaras
Fantasia Bridal Veils (fabulous etsy shop!)
and another etsy shop, Elizabeth's Tresses

Top: Elizabeth's Tresses; Bottom Left, Fantasia Bridal Veils; Bottom Right, Serendipity Tiaras.  $15-$38


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  1. I love love love Kate's hair pieces. She pulls them off so well. Not sure they would look good on me, though.