Monday, April 18, 2011

{We're Obsessed!} Jimmy Choo Patent Wedge

Raise your hand if you've ever fallen in love with a shoe you couldn't afford, made budget cuts here and there, saved enough money to finally buy them, and later found out that they were sold out and are no longer available.  Anywhere.  Yup.  It happens.  Luxury designers are brilliant in this clever marketing scheme.  Every eye catcher makes you think, "Is this something I can live without?" and when the answer is "no" we have a challenging decission to make: walk away and cross our fingers they are there when we come back, or splurge and hope the investment is worth the debt, or dent. 

This is why we love Jimmy Choo.  Designer Tamara Mellon's gorgeous shoes are worth the steep price tag (and REALLY comfortable at that), but unlike her premier designer friends, she reintroduces her most classic and popular styles season after season, assuring us that if you miss out on a shoe this time around, it will likely come back around next season. 

In March of 2009 I saw a Jimmy Choo shoe that I decided I couldn't live without, and today I rank it among one of my favorite purchases ever.  Three springs ago, when espadrilles were just being reintroduced to the high-end clientele, and wedges were literally parading around city streets after a brief hiatus that started around 2002, I really thought I was making a risky investment.  I NEVER expected wedges and espadrilles be in style three Spring/Summer seasons in a row, and since this shoe is perfectly stylish still today, I've definitely gotten my money's worth. 

We all love this Jimmy Choo Wedge as much today as we did when they were first released in 2009.  And, if you've missed out on wearing them the last two summers, you can still purchase a pair today.  The shoe is super elegant for a wedge/espadrille so you can wear it with more than a casual summer pant and top, making it the most versatile option availble in this category.  It embraces so many of today's footwear trends: Nude, check; patent leather, check; wedge, check; espadrille, check; sexy, you betcha!

That's why this week, we're obsessed witht the gorgeous Jimmy Choo Patent Phoenix Espadrille Wedge in Nude.  $395, select department stores and at Jimmy Choo Online.


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