Friday, April 15, 2011

{Good Grapes Destination} Packing Essentials

I'm sure everyone reading knows that I really enjoy making jewelry.  Naturally, I have quite a bit of jewelry and even when jetting off to my next mini vacation, I find a way to pack the right pieces for the outfits I've planned.  I have a couple of beautiful and useful jewelry rolls for taking in my carry on and wanted to share my ideas on the best ways for your jewelry to travel with you.  I've been asked more than once how I get my delicate chains to travel well and I'm giving you my answers.  Add something I've picked out below to your gift wish list, you'll be thrilled with any of them!

Clockwise from Pink:
Pretty in pink, $35 Yup.  Pretty and perfect for securing necklaces

And I'm putting this at the top of my 'need now' list.  Sweet good grapes this is the best jewelry organizer I've come across!  $50 And, as if that weren't enough, you can buy additional inserts.  Short trip?  Use as is.  Long trip?  Add pages of organization!  Brilliant!!!

Cmpact jewelry storage roll in lime and gold.  I love the colors and the detachable unit is perfect for an overnight trip or for throwing in your gym bag (see link).  $20.

And while not pictured above, I've always loved this monogrammed collection from Horchow, which includes a jewelry roll.

Not only are these fabulous and stylish travel essentials, but they make absolutely lovable gifts!

Bon Voyage!

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