Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wine Wednesday!

What is it with my Wednesdays lately?  It was such a stressful day for both Zach and me that we finished a bottle of wine before we knew it.  Before dinner was served, in fact.  This week we uncorked a new Cabernet from Leaf Street. My mother in law picked it up at Wegman's last month and it was delicious.  Full bodied with subtle hints of fruit and oak, I immediately Googled the vineyard to learn more about it. says this: 'This Napa Valley vineyard is not famous (yet) and still under the radar, but their wines are delicious!'  I agree!

Jackie and Cristi enjoyed (surprise!) a new Malbec this week.  Rave reviews for Terrazas 2008 vintage!   Seems that the Ramons can't get away from Malbecs.  But for red wine lovers living in warmer climates, this lighter bodied red with fruit aromas is the perfect pick. 

Thank goodness for good grapes!  How else would we manage to get through the week?


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