Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Step out in Style

Now that Spring has arrived, I’ve surrendered my $85/month parking permit and have started walking or riding the free McKinney Avenue Trolley to work. During my walk, I’ve noticed a lot of other people walking to work and I’m always quick to take notice of the shoes they’re wearing. Finding a good walking shoe is a daunting task indeed-especially for women. Before I found my current pair of flesh-colored Sperry Top-Siders for my one-mile trek, I was wearing my bright blue neon running shoes which basically ruined any effort I put into my outfit that morning, and before those—I was wearing regular flats which beat my feet & toes up. So for all you city girls that want to enjoy the fresh Spring air on your walk to work, but don’t know what shoes will work for your trek, I’ve picked out a few styles that might work. Check them out!

Stimulate your leg muscles with every step in these fit flops. A subtle brown/black or the Oasis hue won’t clash with your work attire on your walk.; $49.95 - $59.95

I’ve been a lover of Rainbows for most of my life. This flesh colored double-layered pair is a great walking shoe as the double-layered cushion provides extra padding and support for your walk to work. The memory foam in the shoe will also mold to your foot for extra comfort.; $48.95

These flesh-colored Sperrys are my choice for my walk to work. They are subtle, so comfortable and provide great padding and support.; $79.95

The Sperry Pamdale flat is also a great shoe. It comes in a variety of colors, has a rubber sole and is well cushioned.; $97.95


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