Friday, April 1, 2011

{DIY} The Bulletin Board Grows Up

I've purposely left the wall space over my desk in my home office blank for the last two years because I always envisioned some sort of "inspiration board" on that wall.  A space that could serve as a collector of jewelry, magazine pages, destinations, invitations... you know, things that inspire my creativity, particularly my jewelry making. 

I have seen many bulletin boards and padded cloth boards, but none seemed right.  They were too small, too large, too cheap looking, too juvenile, too much of what I didn't envision for that wall. 

I finally got excited when I came across these totally grown up bulletin boards at Ballard Designs.  Gorge and JUST what I need on that wall.  But, $200!!!  I can't afford THAT kind of inspiration, so I got creative and went shopping.  One stop at Tuesday Morning to find one hideous but cheap frame and another to the local A.C. Moore for spray paint, a roll of cork, multi-surface spray adhesive and push-pin decor (aka wedding scrapbook bow stickers).  The only supply needed was an exacto knife, which I already had at home. 

Shopping List:
Frame - $19.99
Paint - $5.19
Cork - $8.99
Spray Glue - $3.50
Bow Stickers - $0.99
Total - $38.66

 1. the frame as-purchased 2. the original frame, pre-paint 3. first layer of cork was glued in pieces (what remained after the clean cut was made)onto the back of the frame.  I then glued the clean cut of cork roll over the first layer.  4. the bow stickers next to the push pins 5. the 'posh' push pins 6. the painted frame and the cork board 7. the bow pins on the framed cork 8. my birthstone chart now has a new home!

Left, my desk, 'before.'  Right, my desk 'after.'



  1. pretty picture! looks like its out of a magazine!!

  2. Super crafty, Ana, I love it!