Thursday, April 7, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Can You be Preppy AND Thrifty?

So if you know me, the last thing that defines my style is preppy.  I've never owned a pair of khakis, and argyle is not my thing.  I own ONE v-neck sweater and I don't do well in collared shirts.  Even though our parents have given us gorgeous strings of pearls as gifts on dozens of occasions, mine have just sat nicely tucked away in the secret compartments of my jewelry chest. 

The thing is, I've always admired the look on so many.  Last week, I dared myself to venture into 'prep' and lo and behold, I LOVED it.  Prep is a safe classic and in this uber trendy season where I'm finding that some fashion finds seem too risky to stand the test of time, I'm adding a new element to my wardrobe and for the first time, find it flattering. 

Last week's outfit: slim fitting navy pants, ballet flats (so ballet flats aren't exclusively prep, but I couldn't just go cold turkey on this one), a navy fitted button down shirt, and a beautiful equestrian inspired silk scarf in kelly green accented with hues of gold and brown, and large pearl earrings.  All I needed was a pair of penny loafers to complete the outfit (just kidding).  I'm testing the waters with this new look and in putting my own 'twist' on the ever popular and timeless prep, I've managed to find some great deals.  It feels refreshing to try a new look without breaking the bank!   These are my thrifty picks this week, with a preppy spin. 

 Canary yellow Argyle cardigan by MNG for JCPenney.  $47.99
Old Navy blouse, $30
Old Navy Gold Sandals, $20 

 Lauren Ralph Lauren silk scarf in emerald, $38


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  1. Being the definition of preppy...I think it stands the test of time. Nothing is better than a crisp white oxford with tailored pants/pencil skirt/or perfectly fit jeans. :)