Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wine Wednesday!

Did you think we would interrupt our Royal Wedding week posts to bring you our wines of the week?  Well, guess what?  We are drinking the official sparkling wine of the royal wedding!  Thanks to's clever social media outreach and particular thanks to the Steward Ship membership program (of which I'm a member, obviously!), we've learned that as far as the bubbles are concerned, the Queen will be serving her guests Pol Roger Brut, a French Champagne.  And so, in lieu of a wedding gift, I've ordered a bottle for hubby and me and two for the famila in the Big D.  I figured, if I'm not attending the wedding in London, I'll spend what I would have spent on a gift on champagne for the fam. 

Visit and order a bottle for your next special occasion.  Compare it to your favorite and tell us what you think!  (I still prefer Roderer Estate L'Ermitage to anything I've tried in the category!)


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