Monday, April 25, 2011

{We're Obsessed!} Kate Middleton


I am so excited about the wedding this Friday but one thing has me a little stressed out.  What on EARTH am I going to wear?  I can't wait to plan the perfect outfit.  My dear friend Lilly is hosting a tea while broadcasting the event live in Arlington, VA.  I've never been so excited to be ready and dressed at 6 am on a Friday before but, afterall, I have been waiting for this event since the Di/Chaz wedding that I don't remember.  So naturally, this week's obsession is no other than the brave (who on earth would want that sort of media scrutiny forever?) and beautiful KATE MIDDLETON.

Top five reasons we're obsessed:
5) She stole Wills' heart.  That should count for something.
4) She has an education and if/when she becomes queen, she will be the first one with a college degree!  Girl power!
3) She is classy.  She's been William's heart throb since 2001 and how many times have you seen her interviewed on TV?  Exactly.  She's not a paparazzi stalker like most famous women of our generation
2) I'm sure we're not the only ones who have picked up on her impeccable sense of style.  She even had a quick gig wirking for London's high-end fashion chain, Jigsaw.
1) She makes being brunette cool again!!!  We, of course, LOVE THAT!  Seriously, as the new 'it' girl for the world, haven't you noticed runway and magazine models looking very 'Kate?'  We're loving this and so is our long brunette hair style!


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  1. Great site for Kate-inspired headwear!