Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweeter than a Wedding Day

Royal Wedding fever has so many of us holding our breath until Friday morning's nuptials.  I think for the ladies my age, we all have a particular obsession with this wedding because quite frankly, our mothers have been talking about the Diana/Charles wedding for almost 30 years and while that was THE wedding of their generation, this is THE wedding of ours. 

I was still too young to remember the wedding of 1981 (I had just had my 7 month birthday), but my mother said she pretended I was sick so that she could stay home from work and watch the wedding instead.  If you think that is funny, our good friend's mother scheduled her c-section so that it wouldn't conflict with the royal wedding!  She scheduled for one of our BFFs (AS) to be born just days before the wedding so that she could be resting comfortably at home with new baby in hand and royal wedding on TV.  That is ALMOST as genius as the royal wedding treats we discovered this week:

Naturally AS and her mother have a special bond over royal weddings.  So how thrilled was AS to receive these amazing royal wedding cookies from Elenis, the famous bakery in NYC's Chelsea Market?  I had to steal her Facebook pics and share them with everyone!

Pictures of Eleni's royal wedding cookies, via AS; Three Sisters at Eleni's in NYC
Too far from NYC?  I've got the DC area's newest best kept secret (though secret not for long!)  If you think those Eleni's cookies are amazing, you should see what one of our good friends, Amy of One Preppy Cookie, has literally cooked up this week.  Just how perfect will these darling treats be for Lilly's wedding watching party Friday morning?  Amy, sweeter than a sugar cookie, is a super talented cookie artist and we are so excited for her website and blog to launch this week!  The timing couldn't be more perfect.

Royal wedding cookies from One Preppy Cookie, via Amy


  1. Thank you Ana - what a nice post! :) I'd make cookies for you any time!

  2. Love these! Now I'm hungry for cookies. Thanks for sharing the DC find!

  3. I did not know that about AS... How funny! I was really sad when I recently saw that Cookies by Design on NW Hwy in Dallas closed. I need to find a new decorative cookie shop. Cupcake stores are like Starbucks now, but cute and delicious cookies are hard to find. Any ideas from the younger Grapes? Missing you!

  4. Katie, totally understand your frustrations. As an AVID cookie lover and not so much of a cake/cupcake lover I've had the same problem. Two bakeries I love that also make decorative cookies are Creme de la Cookie in Snider Plaza (214-265-5572) and Society Bakery at Greenville & McCommas (214-827-1411). Let me know what you think!