Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wine Wednesday!

On Saturday Jackie and I lunched at a family friend’s house and perfect hostess that she is, we were sent home with a couple of bottles from her family’s vineyard to take and enjoy. I am in love! A little research about the bottle's vintage led me to discover that their 2008 Petit Sirah won the Silver Medal, SF Chronicle Wine Competition and it is phenomenal! No surprise this vineyard appears multiple times throughout various categories.  The Petit Sirah is a plummy, deep purple wine and has seductive nose of violets. Its delicious flavor is enhanced with boysenberries, blueberries and blackberries -- with dark chocolate notes on the finish.  It is DELISH! You won’t be able to find it in your local stores (yet) but visit and order a bottle of this Napa gem today, you won't regret it!  As a bonus, you can say you were one of the first to try this wine, whose vineyard is so new it has just produced their first bottled wines.

Hi!  It's Ana.  I'm blushig as I write this, but yes, I had to send back a bottle of wine while dining out this week.  I asked for a red similar to a wine I like that they did not have on the list.  What I requested: {name of wine} because I wanted a medium bodied red that had layers of berries but also subtle hints of oak.  The somolier was sure I would love this new realease red but when it was uncorked and poured all I tasted was vanilla.  Without my saying a word, she read my expression of disapproval.  Before rushing off to find the next bottle, I heard her say, "I thought so.  I've got something you may like."  Boy did she!  She came back with another new release red from Napa Valley.  It was the 2009 Decoy red wine Bordeaux varietal blend of four different grapes aged 100% in French oak barrels.  I loved this mouthwatering wine and for once was happy that I was picky (I can't imagine settling for that first wine when this one cost the same and tasted soooo much better).

I am fairly new to the Decoy brand, as I was introduced to this delicious brand for the first time in August.  I've since sent the bottle as gifts to dear friends celebrating special occasions.  I love a vineyard that is consistent in quality.  Made by the premier Napa Vineyard, Duckhorn, quality and enjoyability is a guarantee. 

The good grapes enjoyed this week added two new vineyards to my 'must visit' list the next time we visit dear Napa (return visit still to be planned, but I dream about our last trip every day)!
Cheers!  Ana

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