Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wine Wednesday!

It's like the week just can't slow down!  Lots going on and lots to celebrate.  That calls for uncorking good grapes!

This week I poured myself a bottle of Vampire Merlot.  I remember when the Twilight Saga was what everyone was talking about!  I had a coworker in particular who read the series and convinced us all to crack open the books and learn all about the love triangle for ourselves!  As a housewarming gift, another coworker gave her a bottle of Vampire Vineyards Merlot, because, at the time, it was just so cute and fitting.  And then we all heard the wine was good!  In fact, 'much better than expected.'  And so, when I received it from my friend for a Christmas, I smiled because I had been curious about this wine for a year, and now I had the perfect excuse to try it for mmyself!  What I found: a great summer wine that is light and versatile.  Drink alone or with a meal and it works all the same! 

This week, my roommate and I drank a bottle of Santa Rita Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2008.  About the wine: Intense ruby red color. In nose, a fruity wine with aromas of black fruit, plums and herbs, pleasantly combined with undertones of vanilla, cloves and spices from the barrel in which it was matured. In mouth, a medium body wine, that is expressive, complex, well balanced and persistent. Side note, at $10 a bottle, it was amaze!


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