Thursday, July 21, 2011

Under Construction...

A post for my mother more than anyone, who called me twice today to ask why I hadn't updated her on anything!

Nothing drastic this week, eh?  I guess I've never seen the difference hardwood flooring can make in a home.  We had really crappy carpet (and filthy, ew) replaced with hard wood floors this week.  We really needed to replace the carpet sooner, but wood floors are so much easier to maintain, it was another one of those "don't do it until we can do it right" compromises we just lived with after moving in.  We LOVE the hardwood floors!  The crew has completed one floor and we've got two to go.  So here are a few snapshots.  Please pardon the mess (and the really poor resolution)! 

Guest bedroom (new headboard!)

bedroom floors
Oh! Remember that arch they were building in my extra large living-room-turned-living-slash-dining-room?  I'm really appreciating the distinction it has given to each space.  And I love how they used the left over detailing from my new mantles (post on that to follow) on the arch.  Another decision I am so happy I made on a last minute impulse.  

I promise I'll keep you posted with more as we (they) progress!  I don't remember the last time I was this happy.  Good things come to those who wait?  Off to enjoy a glass of wine!

PS- Two years ago yesterday we put the offer on our house.  I remember it perfectly.  My husband was away at school, and I kind of sort of forged his signature- thinking chances were pretty slim considering our unsuccessful bid history on the five others.  Happy anniversary, dear home!

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