Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dress Find and Rewind

I literally came this close to spitting out my wine the other evening while I was searching through Rent the Runway's latest online collection.  There I saw a flashback of my very self ten years ago!  How could it be?  I was looking at a dress by high-end Italian fashion house, D&G by Dolce and Gabanna, that I swore I purchased from another high end Italian fashion house, Cheap and Chic by Moschino, more than a decade ago.  
Left, the find via RTR; right, the rewind

 Our mother taught us long ago that if you are very selective with what you buy, regardless of cost, you can treasure it forever.  I realized how true this theory was when 'shopping' for my bridal shower shoes and dresses not from any high-end boutique, but rather, my grandmother's closet.  When I visited my parents in March, that advice rang truer than ever, as I came across a fun dress I treasured in college.  I tried it on just to see how it'd look today and realized the classic shape and sillhouette was still as flattering on me today as it was when I bought the dress in 1999!  I thought I wore it out in college and had left it in my teenage closet to 'retire,' as I couldn't part with something so adorable and frankly, so pricey.  Trying it on a decade later brought it back to life, so it's no wonder that D&G has introduced a similar line of dresses for it's 2011 spring collection.    Just when I thought bringing back this cherry printed number might be out dated and risky, even for me, it couldn't be more fashionable!  What do you think of the irony and the similarities?

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