Sunday, July 24, 2011

Under Construction...

Hi there!  Can you guess what is wrong with this picture?  I know, there are a few things, but... what is the main eyesore here? 

Answer: Cheap-o builder's special mantles over the fireplaces.
They were one of the first things I knew we'd eventually replace.  They were placed way too high to hang anything at eye level and WAY. TOO. SMALL.  You can guess what happened... builder was probably running out of money on the then-new construction, incorrectly measured the width needed, and by the time the builder realized his mistake, it was too late and all of us future homeowners just had to live with these horrendous mantles.  

Glad to have that all fixed up.  Hanging Christmas stockings this year will bring me so much joy!

I love my contract team.  Love them.
You can note a few differences between this and the first picture above.  When we first moved in, we had the cheap metal tracks that held the shelves ripped out and replaced with better shelving.  The tracks weren't even aligned correctly, so we had to straighten the shelving immediately.  I also mentioned previously that I had the yellowed eye-ball recessed lighting that was over the fireplace removed, patched up and the wire was run to accommodate the iron sconces I purchased from  Their silk shades are not pictured, but they add such elegance to the room.

A closeup of the detail

Sneak peak of the new floors!  The only thing this room needs is the shoe molding
Second fireplace, located in the man cave.  They are working from top to bottom, so this will be the last room they finish!
I think I need to rearrange my furniture to make these beautiful lovelies the new focal points of their rooms!  I LOVE the difference they make!


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