Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guest Bedroom

I've been on a major redecorating kick lateley and the most recent victim of my attention goes to my poor neglected guest bedroom.  It was only in doing some 'research' and looking for inspiration from my go-to decor magazines that I realized how embarassed  I am of this bedroom.  What if someone were to judge my entire taste from a glance of this one room?  I would die.  And so, the new project begins.  

Part of my procrastination in this project was that I was desperately searching for a color scheme and, commitment phobe that I am, I never decided on one so the room makeover got shelved.  Having dusted this off and brought it back to my list of must-dos, I've asked my close friends and family, the ones who will spend the most time in this room, what they envisioned for it.  My friend C put it best, and with her simple advice the search for the pop of color was abandoned and the project is now well on its way to completion.  Her advice?  "Color?  Tranquil and serene, as a guest bedroom should be."  Keeping those two adjectives in mind, I've pulled a few inspiration bedrooms from House Beautiful and Elle Decor and would you believe what I ended up with?  NO color schemes!

Desired 'after' outcomes:

House Beautiful pics: While I'm drawn to the middle and bottom left and right pictures for threir inclusion of a second neutral tone as the room's 'pop' of color, something about the all-white serenity of the bedroom on the right is captivating.

Elle Decor pics: that's it!  Whatever I do, there WILL be seating at the foot of the bed!  Maybe even accented with vintage books!

And I know what you're all thinking.  Where is the embarassing shot of my guest bedroom?  Well clearly I can't post the 'before' until there is an 'after!'  Stay tuned! 


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  1. At least you have something for a guest bedroom! All that's in my guest bedroom is my pup's crate (because we can't afford guest bedroom furniture. :( I won't just you if you won't just me! ha!
    I love the whites with a pop of color like blue or green. Share pictures with us of the final product!