Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Poolside Chic

So this is how the story goes: you're planning your annual beach vacation and you pull out last year's favorite cover ups & swimsuits only to realize they've lost their shape or their colors have faded. Yes, girls, even those designer swimsuits can lose their value in just one summer in the sun and sand. It is so frustrating to invest hundreds EVERY summer in designer swimwear that will only last ONE season. So, I've been researching some thriftier but still stylish options--we must never sacrifice style! Old Navy just announced swim sale for up to 40% off ALL swimwear. I pulled some of my favorite looks from their current collection. Check out these super chic looks all ranging from $7.50 - $29.94 At these prices, you surely won't be sulking in buyer's remorse next summer.

Photos: Old Navy


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