Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Search of an Organized Life...

I needed a set of pouches because as most fashionable women do, I carry an assortment of bags to work, depending on the day (or my outfit).  Switching bags causes me to lose time in the morning and inevitably, there is always something left behind.   I finally found the perfect three piece set by Le Sportsac and it happens to be one of the best every day accessories I have ever purchased! 

These clever pouches allow my things to move from work bag to gym bag to weekend purse without fuss.  Taking a pouch out of one bag and dropping into the other in a matter of nano seconds has put me one step closer to a more organized life!  I store the following everyday 'purse' items in each of the pouches:

Smallest pouch holds my small wallet, phone, chapstick, lip gloss, travel kleenex, mini manicure set, travel wet ones, cough drops and travel sewing kit with room to spare! 
Medium bag stores my kindle (with case), office ID/badge, keys, pen, daily planner, small hand lotion, travel-sized sanitizer
Large bag: flip flops and also travel shampoo and, travel conditioner when I plan to shower at the gym

We told you about our love for the latest Targer designer collection...  Well, this is just one more reason why we're loving the Calypso St. Barths collaboration.  Gorgeous zipper pouches!

Which essentials do you carry at all times, regardless of which bag you're using?


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  1. I'm one of those people with one bag. That's right, one bag...every.single.day. I spent what I think is a little bit of money on a nice Coach bag, so I stick with that. It's really large, and carries my everyday necessities like my lunch! I also carry at all times my wallet (duh), hand sanitizer and tissues. I guess this explains why I'm rarely sick! :)