Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{May Book Review} Water for Elephants

This book really pulled at my heartstrings.  Author Sara Gruen does a fascinating job capturing the essence and feeling of depression-era America while telling the story of a traveling circus from the voice of Jacob, a 'ninety or ninety three year old' man who lived through it, though is shy to talk about his past life in the circus.  

Ms. Gruen paints a lively picture of the circus cast and in it includes a story of the inevitable love triangle.  But her main focus remains on Jacob and his story of youth, loss, love and coming to his own.  All of this brilliantly summarized by taking us back and forth through a narrative by now-Jacob detailing his adventures back then, and how he met and fell in love with his Marlena.  You grow to adore the characters, including the circus crew, animals and the staff at the nursing home, where we first meet Jacob.  

One of the better books I've had the pleasure of reading all year, I suggest if you haven't read this one yet, you're in for a great summer treat.  

For June we will be reading My Father's Daughter, a recipe collection by one of our favorites, Gwyneth Paltrow.


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  1. LOVE this book, i dont want to go see the movie cause Im sure they ruined the story.