Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guacamole Salad!

You say Memorial Day!  I say Bar-B-Q!

Any holiday that is dedicated to thanking and remembering our troops, is an obvi favorite of mine!  And of course, we Americans celebrate everything with…food!  So, I, of course, latched on to American tradition and tried a new recipe for this year’s BBQ from my favorite Food Network chef, Barefoot Contessa!  The recipe is called “Guacamole Salad”, and it’s a perfect combination of beautiful, great tasting veggies that will make any celebration come that much more to life!  Enjoy, and GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!  

Photo courtesy of food.com

Jackie’s tweaks:
  • I couldn’t fathom the idea of adding canned black beans to a recipe full of beautiful, fresh ingredients, so for my starch/extra “crunch”, I used fresh corn instead of black beans.  (Peel the corn—toss the husks, brush with EVOO, S&P, wrap in foil, and grill on low for about 25  min.  Slice and add to salad… 
  • Add a splash (about 1/8 Cup) Red Wine Vinegar for more of a flavor-added acid kick…Gives it more of a “fresh salad” taste…
I had all the spices and dressings in the pantry, so total cost for beautiful salad was about ~$7, and made for about 8 hefty servings (less than $1 pp)! 

I served with my secret turkey burger recipe (later post!)—delish!  


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