Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shoe Swoon!

Um, so I just discovered "the Coveteur."  Heart. Melting.  I feel like I have been hiding in  a kitchen cabinet all my life for missing out on this brilliant collabortive fashion site for so long!  Coveteur is the coolest kid on the web, as far as I'm concerned.  The blog gives you sneak peaks at the closets and favorite closet possessions of real people (fashion editors, celebs, authors, party planners, and anyone else worthy). 

Upon my daily routine of admire|sigh|and-back-to-reality, I came across The Coveteur's collaboration with Elle Magazine and found Khloe Kardashian's enviable collection of stilettos.  Girl after my own heart! Since you all know about my love affair with shoes, you can understand how my heart just about skipped a beat as I narrowed in on this picture, spotting 25+ Louboutins, YSL Platform Pumps, Manolos and Nude Jimmy Choo Private Sandals (I've had these on my list for sooooo long!). 

You really get to know the star of Khloe and Lamar though these pictures, as she gives you a story behind each one.  My favorite quote:

“My hubby [Lamar Odom] is such a sneaker king….and I am a stiletto queen!  He always wants to see me in sneakers, but I believe I can do anything in heels."

I love this so much because MY hubby [zds] says the SAME thing about me wearing sneaks!  Yuck!  You rock your heels, Khloe, and I'll rock mine!  Heel power!

But seriously, doesn't this closet make you want to die?  It's Heaven!

Photo: Elle, via the Coveteur

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  1. Heels that high are killer. I would only last five minutes :)