Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Gifts: Under $100

Okay, for those of you who don't like so much 'junk' (what guys call 'guy stuff') in the home, I've found a little product that takes up only a teeny amount of space in your closets/homes/drawers/garage... wherever it is you stash stuff that you're not sure of.  This modular pocket knife comes with a set of 18 attachments and has a function for almost everything.  Flat head or Phillips head?  This nifty tool has both.  You know those mini screwdrivers used for eye glasses?  This tool has those too.  Various blades and a woodsaw can be found here.  Wire stripper, scissors, nail file and of course a bottle opener!  We love this gift!

Switch Modular Pocket Knife, $79, quirky.com
I also wanted to share with you a fun little idea I saw in this month's InStyle magazine.  Inspired by my favorite designer, Valentino, InStyle thought it would be adorable to incorporate lace into your gift wrap this year.  Nothing's better than a sexy looking present!

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