Thursday, February 28, 2013

{Thrifty Thursday} Summer Shoes

I'm sharing a favorite find with my fellow grapes.  I gave up online shopping for Lent (it was getting OOC) but I had already willed to reward myself with a beautiful pair of summer wedges after Easter.  I am in LOVE with these espadrille-slash-pumps-slash-super-summer-brights and decided they were the perfect 'pop' for my summer wardrobe.  I mean, after six weeks of shop-fasting, what's $128 for the PERFECT summer shoe?

Can you guess what happened next?  I went to Target for detergent and walked out with a pair of Merona Marguerite Wedges.  How could I not be thrilled?  I saved myself about $100 in the blink of an eye!  Yeah, you could say the Merona version might slightly rip off the J Crew one, but J Crew isn't the first to make a brightly hued espadrille wedge.  YSL and Charlotte Olympia have made them too.  Style is style and when you can look as great for a whole lot less, what's not to love?

My perfect pair: Merona for Target, $30

J Crew Seveille Wedge, $128

Charlotte Olympia Carmen Canvas Wedge, $795

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