Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{Wine Wednesday} O'Brien Estate

Happy Wine Wednesday Good Grapes!  The past few weeks, I've been enjoying truly delicious selections from Napa Valley's O'Brien Estate.   We were fortunate enough to visit this romantic vineyard and tour their winery during our Napa family vacation in December.  I loved everything I tried so much that I joined the wine club.  Good thing I did, too, because these have been my favorite bottles to open the last two weeks.  We've already enjoyed five bottles: We shared the full, rich Seduction over a classic steak dinner with our friends, I opened a bottle of their intense and elegant Merlot when I hosted two of my girlfriends for home made pizzas last week, and finished this rich Chardonnay that accompanied our roasted whole chicken dinner.  And then we've had a couple for no reason at all except that we were in the mood for good grapes.  We've gone through our two shipments so quickly that I'm just counting down the days for the next club shipment to arrive! 

The gorgeous vines that surround the property
I want that many O'Brien bottles in my house!  And the barrels, too.

Did you know I wear a serious face all of the time?

Except when I am drinking a great wine, as I am here with my bro-in-law

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