Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{Wine Wednesday} Napa Nostalgia: Honig Winery

On this Wine Wednesday I am sitting in my wine room admiring my collection of Napa Valley wines that have been sent to us through the various clubs we’ve joined over time.  I just can’t wait until my next wine tasting trip and since I have to wait another 25 days to be reunited with the Napa Valley, I am going to write about my favorite Napa experiences in anticipation of my trip.  

One of my favorite stops on this adventure to savor the gift that is wine has been to Honig Vineyard and Winery, a small stop just off of Rutherford Road in Napa Valley that offers big, big flavor. Our December 2012 tasting was set up by a sweet and friendly hostess, Kelly.  I made reservations a little over a month in advance and they were able to seat our group of 7 for a memorable tasting.

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We tasted five wines: The Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc, the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Campbell Vineyard Cabernet and the Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc (a sweeter wine that was thoroughly enjoyed) - all from their regular tasting menu and a bonus Cabernet Pink that they were offering at the time.  True statement: During our visit, I REPEATEDLY commented positively on the wine.  ALL of it was delicious and I was beyond impressed with both the quality and taste of the wine.  Added to the friendly and welcoming staff in the small tasting room, the personalized signs posted for their tasting groups, and the fun takeaway cork key chains that we were each given, this made the experience one to remember.  

I love that they reserve tables with tasters' names on cute chalkboard signs!

Above: visibly enjoying Cabernet Pink; I still have my adorable key chain

I came home from this trip to the latest issue of Wine Spectator and saw that one of the wines we tasted there was rated in the top 100 wines of the year.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who agrees the wine here is spectacular!  At the time the tasting was a bargain at $10 per person, but since we’ve visited they’ve raised their prices to $15 - closer to what most wineries in the area charge for a tasting. I don’t recall the exact price of the bottles, but I do remember noting that for the high ratings, they were priced much lower than similarly rated wines in the area.  

Honig Winery
850 Rutherford Rd
Napa, CA

I'd love to hear about your favorite tasting experiences, I'm constantly looking for places to add to my list.

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