Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{We're Obsessed} The Crop Pant

So I remember when I was in junior high and capris pants were trending; my mom tried SO hard to get me to wear them and I would ferociously argue back and ask “whyyyyy would I ever want to wear anything that makes my legs look shorter?” Well, 17 years later, I’ve fallen in love with crop pants. Now before I get the “I told you so” backlash from my mom let me say, crop pants are very different from capris. For one, capris generally hit below the knee usually mid shin and crop pants are generally ankle length or just a few inches above the ankle. You can pair your crop pants with your highest heels or your best ballet flats and still look fabulous. And the best part? They’re available in an array of bold colors and styles. I mean, I own them in yellow, red and turquoise. Pair with a neutral shirt tucked in with a skinny belt and you’ve got a bold yet clean look. Perfect for the workplace and happy hour! 



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  1. Love these! I have a current obsession with colored pants.. I want every color of the rainbow! And I'm pretty sure I'm halfway there =) The cropped, I've never tried, but they could be awesome for spring!