Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love or Hate? My New Bangs.

I’m always getting bored with my look. Ever since the chili bowl haircut incident of 1999 I’ve been terrified of cutting my hair short and since I don’t color it—its hard to find a new do for me. So the other day I decided to bite the bullet and cut some bangs! Gasp! And despite my hairstylist's utter excitement at me trying something new, I still haven’t decided what I think of my new bangs. Part of me loves the geek chic personality they give my hair (we know I'm a sucker for the geek chic look) but part of me thinks they make me look weird. My friend assured me they just needed a solid week to get a little growth and settlement in them and then I’ll be loving them. So I’ll update in a week, but for now—what do you think? Do you love or hate it? I seriously can’t decide!!!



  1. love!!!! looks so cute especially with the wavy hair.. it looks effortless, and makes me want bangs!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! They're definitely growing on me and I'm really starting to like them, but give it some good thought before you get them. You have to be committed. I used to let me hair air dry and it would look great but now I have to style my bangs every. single. day. It's a commitment for sure.