Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Good Grapes Destination} Favorite Moments in Florida

Remember how I went to South Florida last week to visit my BFF Kristin? Well my trip was spectacular. I don’t know what the highlight of the whole trip would be but my top three favorite things were 1) lunch at Cheese Culture on Las Olas 2) seeing The Hunger Games in the theater while proudly wearing our mockingjay pins and 3) the ultimate beach party on Saturday. It was an incredible weekend! I had so much fun—so much fun that I actually cried when it was time to leave. Sometimes I forget how much I really miss her and how much I enjoy our time together. Here are some pictures from the fabulous trip! I can’t wait to go visit her and Zac again! 

Photo: Our spectacular lunch at Cheese Culture
Photo: Anxiously awaiting the start of the Hunger Games
Photo: Kris & me at the beach party on Saturday

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