Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Thrifty Thursday} Stylish Spring Maternity Tops

Well, we've gotten our first tease of spring weather here in DC and with the arrival of spring I'll be bidding farewell to my second trimester and welcoming my third!  I've griped about how much fashionable maternity clothes has cost to date, but there is finally relief for those of us that want to look stylish without spending the fortunes that maternity clothing companies ask.  The secret is in the swimsuit coverup!  The construction of a swim coverup is much like the construction of a maternity blouse: kimono sleeves (thank goodness that's in this season), empire waists, elastic bands and long enough to cover those adorable bumps.  Let's compare:

Silk graphic blouse, A Pea in the Pod, $74.50; an alternative tunic-length tee  in Target's 2012 swim collection
For a cheaper alternative to the cool graphic top on the left, try the Xilaration coverup available at Target stores.  For coverups, I recommend buying a size up from your pre-maternity size.  I bought it in cobalt/white/pink and it fits like a real maternity top and will look great with my white maternity Joe's jeans.

Next up we'll compare stripes.  Seems like wherever you go for maternity clothes, you can't get away from the classic black and white horizontal stripe.  Take a look at these two tops- one is maternity and one is a swim coverup.   I actually prefer the swim coverup version because it's length also lends itself to be worn both either crop leggings and skinny jeans. 

Striped maternity blouse, $185, A Pea in the Pod

Striped coverup, $20, JCPenney
Last we take a look at two boho printed tops, again, with striking similarities.  If  you're ordering the maternity version, order your normal size.  If you're ordering the swim alternative, go up a size.  

A Pea in the Pod top, $79.50
A similar print on a coverup, $20, JCPenney
Now, remember if you're trading actual maternity tops for these swim alternatives, you'll likely need tank tops to wear under the coverups.  Don't worry, we've got you covered!  I've been wearing men's Fruit of the Loom tanks both as undershirts and to the gym over my maternity sports bras.  I bought my pre-maternity size in the men's tanks (S) and will likely grow a size before the baby gets here.  The tanks are long enough to cover my bump and actually look kind of perfect under tops or alone, all things considered.  
My replacement tanks

and my 'gym' tops, set of 4, $11.49, Target,

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  1. Buying men's tank tops is a great idea! That will be my first purchase :)