Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blooming Tuesday

Don't you love the difference a little pop of color from a floral arrangement makes to brighten up a space?  Last year I had the urge to splurge on annual plants at Home Depot and I asked Z to plant them in our unsightly dirt patch in the patio.  I am so happy that this year those plants are just starting to yield buds and blooms.  I've snipped a few roses from our rose bush and the two hydrangeas that bloomed to make beautiful arrangements in our home. 

What's better is that I see more hydrangeas blooming and our lilies are starting to bud as well.  Soon I can use those fragrant lilies to fill my empty bud vases.

A floral arrangement in my home office makes the workday more pleasant.  Vase: Vera Wang Duchesse for Wedgewood

is it just me or do these roses beat the ones you can find in a store?

Hydrangeas and roses in the living room.  Vase: Waterford's Lismore

All photos: my own

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