Friday, May 25, 2012

{Good Grapes Destination} The Big Easy

I've been extreely fortunate in life to not only be blessed with the best family a girl could ask for (a special shout out to my fellow good grapes J & A) but I also have the best friends a girl could ask for! This weekend I'll be heading down to the Big Easy aka NOLA aka Nawlins aka New Orleans to celebrate the end of single life for one of my favorite ladies--Daniele! You might remember her from when I went to San Francisco last year. 

Daniele and I met at UT where she was in my sorority and it was an instant connection. It's hard to put our friendship into words but she is literally a soul mate. We can have the most intellectual and heartfelt conversations and I literally ask her advice on everything. We like to refer to eachother as sisters of the heart. But Daniele isn't the only one I'm looking forward to seeing--[almost] the whole group will be reunited and I am beyond thrilled to regroup with the girls and have a super fun weekend!

A few of my favorite shots from the last time I was down in NOLA

A few shots of the ladies I am most excited to see this weekend!

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