Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Wine Wednesday} Sparkling Red

I have been plagued with oh but the worst of problems lately. Dallas is having some fabulous evening weather lately and I have been frequenting a lot of patios for happy hour. So what's the problem? Well I'm a big red wine drinker and not a lover of white. Jackie keeps telling me that as soon as I turn 26 I will fall in love with Whites because that's how it happened with her. Well, dear sister, I am a mere couple months away from that day and I have yet to fall in love--so we'll see. But I digress....

The problem? A glass of red just isn't as refreshing as you want it to be while enjoying some time on the patio. Beer makes me feel fat (and I have to drink a lot of it just to feel a good buzz), and any sort of cocktail at happy hour renders me completely unproductive (and drunk) by the time I make it home. So what's a girl to do? Drop a few ice cubes in the vino tinto and hope nobody sees you? WRONG.

On a trip to the oh so so so fabulous The Cedars Social I was explaining my dilemma to the ever patient waiter when he assured me he had the answer to all my problems. He quickly reappeared with a bottle of Red Engine Sparking Shiraz. That's right. A sparkling red. I can remember it perfectly, the way the sun hit the bottle. It was almost celestial. With the first sip of the delicious, refreshing treat--I knew my problems had been solved.

So here's to you lovers of red looking for the perfect refreshing summer drink--try some sparkling red. You won't be disappointed!

Oh, and have no fear--our favorite vendor, has a lovely sparking red for purchase on their site. Check out the Fizz 56. I just ordered a bottle (or two!) for myself.

Engine Room Sparkling Red

Alianca Tinto Bruto

Fizz 56 Sparkling Red found on 

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