Friday, April 5, 2013

{Five for Friday} Funnies

Happy Friday Good Grapes!  Welcome to "Five for Friday" a new column where we'll share five of something that we've been musing over all week. 

While exploring the Twitterverse that past few days, a few tweets made me LOL and I could not thank these darlings enough for the laughs that got me through this exhausting week.  Of course these favorite, funniest tweets had something in common - WINE!  It's just that kind of week, y'all.

Corsica Wine Decanter: on sale at Pottery Barn

April 5th Five Funniest: 
5. "I don't taste the Michelle Tannins but it still has a Full House flavor." --wine jokes that were prob a stretch even in the 90's. (@albz)

4. Here's how to tell if you've been married a long time. I'm on my own tonight but, out of sheer habit, just poured out two glasses of wine. (@prodnose)

3. What do you mean wine isn't a food group? (@princessprobz)

2. What does a grape say when it gets stepped on? Nothing, it just lets out a little wine. (@badjokesguy)

1. It never fails- every time I wear white, I spill a whole bottle of wine down my throat. (@RobinMcCauley)

This set of three sisters loved @albz's reference to our idol sisterly trio, The Tanners.


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