Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Wine Wednesday} El Cortijillo Tempanillo

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Sometimes, Wine Wednesday feels like a long awaited holiday and that's exactly how it went this week.  In fact, I rushed to my computer late last night frantic about forgetting to post on Wine Wednesday.  Then I realized it was ONLY Tuesday.  Pour me a glass anyway, please!

This week I'm enjoying a favorite varietal, Tempranillo by El Cortijillio.  I've enjoyed Tempranillo by the bottle before, as Spanish wines are a go-to for me, but this time I noticed the "Denominaci√≥n de Origen" (DO) was La Mancha.  I've never noticed this on a bottle before, but now I'll pay attention, as I've come to find out that La Mancha is the LARGEST designated wine region in Europe and home to some of my favorite wines!  Sounds like paradise. 

Here is what I taste in a sip of this wine: tannins, bitterness, heat, spice, earthiness.  It is a plump wine, and ruby in color.  I enjoyed a glass with beef empanadas and frijoles negros (black beans), because hey, when in Rome La Mancha, right?  

Photos: my own


  1. I recently had two bottles of this, yum!

  2. We love Rioja and tempranillo. Thanks for the recommendation!