Wednesday, April 3, 2013

{Wine Wednesday} Wine 101: Storing Wine

Welcome to the new monthly Wine 101 series, appropriately posted on Wine Wednesdays on the first Wednesday of each month.  Here you'll learn the quick and easy wine basics so that you can save time and savour the wine.  

Today's topic: Wine storage.  We'll get into the more important reasons for storing wine and how extreme temperatures and temperature swings can ruin your wine (I cry!), but for today, here's what you should know.

1.  Store wine bottles on their sides.  This keeps the cork moist and sediments from falling to the bottom and staying there for long periods of time.

2.  Store wine away from sunlight or windows and in a moderate and stable temperature.  The ideal temperature for wine is 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit.  Storing bottles even in your fridge can break down a bottle's unique complexity and cause it to do all sorts of things but mainly form little crystals out of the acids that give the wine its flavor and body.  

3. Wine advocate after wine advocate recommends opening bottles of white wine within a year of purchase and reds within 5 years.  

So there you have it.  A semi-wine course summarized in a few short sentences.  And we couldn't end our little series without posting some pictures of our favorite ways to store wine.  Weather it's a part of your home (think built-ins), a special wine fridge (I DIE for a sub-zero wine fridge in my house!), or a storage cabinet, there are infinite ways to store wine.  But let's not be silly, wine was meant for drinking!  

Great use of otherwise wasted space.  And next to the seating area.  This is a smart home!

Wine storage for both long term keep and short term enjoyment.  Steps away from the table.  Ana approved for sure!

OMG wine stored under stairs.  Brilliant use of otherwise wasted space.  We have wine stored under our stairs at home.

GORGEOUS!  I mean, I want this home for this room alone.  Notice the doors close  - likely refrigerated to keep the temperature in the wine cabinet consistent and the harmful sun rays from damaging the wine

What do I need to accomplish in life to have one of these???  LOVE at first wine.

Furniture ranging small to large in size can serve as nifty wine storage units

For the space saver.  Images via google
Tell us, how do you store wine?  Where do you keep it?  And what can we answer for you on this series?  We'd love to hear from you!


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