Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{Wine Wednesday} Fancy Pants

I totally bought today's wine pick because of the label.  And when I say I bought it, I mean the Easter Bunny did, ooops.  But seriously, how cute is this? And the tag line, I Wear the Pants, um, hello?  That's ME!  I TOTALLY wear the pants in our house.  That is, when it comes to picking out and buying our wine.  So needless to say this pretty little lady came home with me while I the Easter bunny chose something a little more 'macho' for Z's basket. 

By printing the question, "Who Wears the Pants?" the cork becomes a conversation piece
So while the gorgeous label and pretty packaging are what sold me on this wine, I found it to be a pleasantly versatile red, dark in color but light on the nose and in body.  With the sun staying out long enough to enjoy some time on the patio before bed, I'd say this is a perfect patio red wine.  And how appropriate would this be on a girls' night?  

I have no idea who produces this wine, but I know it is produced in St. Helena, California. I had a hard time finding this bottle for sale online but I heard the Easter Bunny has been spotted at Target lately.



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