Friday, February 17, 2012

{Good Grapes Destination} Kickin Up My Boots in San Angelo

I’m not typically one to complain but this week was just too rough not to complain. First, I was inundated with an absurd amount of work all with tight deadlines at the office and just couldn’t find the motivation to do it. When you’re a writer—suffering from writer’s block is basically equivalent to being a surgeon with shaky hands. You can’t get anything done and find yourself staring at the monitor or, as in my case, a blank piece of paper (side note, I’ll take a pen and paper to a keyboard any day) for hours and realize you just wasted the whole work day and got nothing done. After meeting with my boss and telling him I was experiencing some wicked writer’s block he suggested I write a letter to someone who I had a lot to say to to get my writing juices flowing. Naturally I thought of my on-off-on-off again [ex] beau sooo I got to writing. WELL dear boss, this only resurfaced a whole heap of emotions that led to a sleepless night and even more distractions in my head. Thanks for that advice. NOT. Then to top it all off I spent Tuesday and Wednesday home sick with a kidney infection from h-e-double hockey sticks that basically made me bed ridden with such awful abdominal and back pain. And for those of you reading this thinking “gosh, Cristi is always sick” well, the doctor finally took note of that too and has put me on a steroid regimen, whiiiiich I’m pretty sure is making me crazy. So, recap: can’t write therefore can’t work, bitter feelings resurfacing towards my ex, killer kidneys and roid rage. Awesome week, right?

Well, before we start the Cristi pity party let me tell you…it DOES get better. This weekend I’ll be kickin' up my boots and setting out to San Angelo, TX with some of my best girlfriends for a weekend full of beer, boots and bulls. That’s right—we’re heading to the San Angelo rodeo. Needless to say, I am soooo looking forward to this getaway and a girls weekend! I have the BEST friends in the world and I know 5 minutes into this trip, I’ll be forgetting all about the woes of this week. 

San Angelo Rodeo


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