Monday, March 21, 2011

In Love and Bicycling

Friday, March 18th.  One of my favorite days of the year! Literally.  Two days shy of the first official day of Spring, and the weather could not be any more perfect in Dallas. High of 77—double digits of my favorite number, ever. 

That Friday I came home from work a bit later than planned, and I walk into the house—back room curtains open, and a beautiful new sea-green and white
Huffy Cruiser bike is sitting on the back porch!!!  A gift from my one-of-a-kind husband, “just because.”

I’ve been eyeing cruiser bicycles for about three years now, and for some reason always found what I thought was “something better” to spend my “play money” on.  Boy, have I been wrong!  This cruiser is a beaut!!!  I named her Lucy.  Lucy is the newest kid in town, and she obviously is best-dressed!  She came into my life just on Friday, and my wardrobe shopping list has already changed around what looks good next to her!  Hello cropped pants, ballet flats, and
silky blouses that blow in the wind as I ride, or shall I say cruise?!  And let’s not even get into how fun it is to accessorize Lucy!  Ordered my Nantucket Lightship Collection basket today on for the front.  Next on the list is a rear wire basket (to carry groceries from my trips to my local Sprouts Farmers Market just around corner!) and a bell! Oh what fun!

I’m telling everyone I know!  Live like a kid again!  Buy yourself a cruiser!  Join the bike-wagon!  Or better yet…have your true love surprise you with a new toy “just because.”

Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser bike,

Photo snapped from the inspirational Bloomingdales Spring 2011 "So Put Together" catalog

Never give up on the type of love that brings you presents “just because.”  The type of love that makes the perfect day even more perfect…  And as Mami always told us, “Never settle for anything less than butterflies”

Hello Springtime Butterflies!

Got a cruiser?  Share your pictures and stories with us!

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