Thursday, March 24, 2011

Parting: Is it a Sweet Sorrow?

As spring invades Texas (which means 90 degree weather for us Southern folk), I’m thrilled about the sunny weather and easy livin’ but also a little saddened to have to part with my favorite winter accessory – my cashmere pashminas. Let me tell youthat this is more than a favorite accessory, I’m a little obsessed. I have pashminas in every single color: camel, champagne, off white, white, black, brown, grey, yellow, cobalt blue, turquoise blue, ice blue, Kelly green, red, merlot, plum, periwinkle, hot pink, magenta…okay, you get it. EVERY color. It was perfect, I could throw on a lame outfit for work like black pants with a black tank and then add my pop of color with a bright pashmina. A simple black dress went from blah to wow with a bright pashmina knotted around my neck. What will I do without my favorite accessory? My neck will be so bare and my wardrobe won’t be nearly as exciting. But duh, there is always a solution! My solution—fun, light-weight, colorful printed SUMMER SCARVES!  They are back!

Why summer scarves? Well they are light-weight and can easily be crammed into your bag. They’re useful during the chilly nights of spring and summer.  They also are airy and provide you with even a little more sun protection around your neck and chest-two highly sensitive parts of any woman! And hello, they’re a fun, unique accessory that can turn your shorts & tank into a perfect happy hour outfit. Just add a summer scarf and some wedges and viola! You’re ready. 

There are so many varieties of the summer scarf that they are affordable on almost any budget and can be worn in so many ways. The most popular ways to sport a summer scarf is by wrapping it multiple times around your neck and tucking the edges under, folding it in half behind your head and looping the open ends through the hole near your collarbone, or simply swooping it around your neck and tossing one end over your shoulder. Just experiment and see what you like best-whether its twisting, knotting, braiding or even as a last minute halter top—have fun! 

Suddenly packing my pashminas into their airtight package on the top shelf of my closet isn’t so sad. Can’t wait for my fun summer scarves. Here are a few of my favorites:

Clockwise, from center:
1. Jessica Alba rocks this Tolani printed summer scarf with jeans, a white tee and some big sunglasses for a hot summer look!

2. This Paisley Fronds summer scarf from Anthropologie has the perfect spring and summer hues of coral, off white and sea-foam green. Love it!

3. The Kinetic Dots silk scarf will add some color and texture to your outfit. $148.

4. This vibrant and bright Coral Sun Scarf is perfect for a sunny day and will add instant brightness to your outfit! $48;

5. This Theodora & Callum Mosaic Scarf has a gorgeous contrast with the tangerine and navy—two of my favorite summer colors! $135;


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