Monday, March 28, 2011

{We're Obsessed!} The Crossfunctional Crossbody

We love the Crossbody bag! 
My love began after living abroad for a couple of months and realizing I hadn’t taken very many pictures. I figured out it was because my purse kept getting in the way! Every time I wanted to capture an image, I would stop and fumble around with my purse thinking “what do I do with this while I’m trying to take a picture??!!” So what was I to do? As an avid photographer, I couldn’t continue to miss these breathtaking photographic opportunities because of my BAG—that’s absurd.  Enter the Crossbody bag.  Four years later, I still love this style!
The Crossbody bag solves the challenge of freeing up my hands and arms while I’m aimlessly walking around in new cities.  I can keep my eyes looking for photo-worthy moments while my hands steadily grip my Nikon D3100 or my Cannon FTb, inherited from my father who used it in the 1970s.

Crossbody bags are stylish, convenient, comfortable, and come in all colors, sizes and styles-so just find what works best for you. They’re not only great for traveling but also great for a night out with the girls. So just swing your bag across that body and dance, dance, dance.  Here are some great styles and looks for all!

1.  My roommate recently got this bag and I love it! It’s the perfect evening out purse, you can even remove the shoulder strap and use the shorter chain strap for a different look. I like the white for summer, but the classic Damier Ebene Canvas is also to die for!
Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch $610; select boutiques & department stores

2. I have this bag and while it may not add a lot of color, it is the perfect travel bag. It packs well and the nylon material lends itself to any weather and it is easy to clean. It is so convenient! $455; select boutiques & department stores

3. This Scooter Sling Bag from Anthropolgie is a great hippie-chic bag for the city gal. Love it! $189;

4. This Marc Jacobs Cross Body is the perfect example of a fun, bright and convenient bag. Dare I say…the perfect crossbody? $350; select stores


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