Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{Wine Wednesday} Forefront by Pine Ridge Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

First of all, the HAPPIEST of Wine Wednesdays to my fellow Good Grape Lovers.  And what a happy Wine Wednesday it is!  Without stalling further, let me tell you about a love story.  

My dear friend Sarah and her lovely beau recently celebrated their engagement.  It was fortuitous that I was able to leave the party with the beautiful bride to be, her fiance and their closest friends and walk to the nearby Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C.  First of all, I'm NEVER out late and second, I NEVER stay out long enough to have a THIRD glass of wine, so it was my good fortune that brought me to this wine. 

Enter love story number two of the evening.  I reviewed the wine list and had already heard from friends that there isn't a wine to disappoint.  When I know this, and when the wine list is THAT well curated, I'm not going to lie - I usually just order the least expensive one.  But then I noticed they had Forefront by Pine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon and it happens that this winemaker follows me on Twitter, so I felt I owed it to them to try out their glass.  

My goodness, this is by far the best glass of wine I've enjoyed in a few months, in all honesty.  I must have looked foolish clutching my glass so tight, savoring every sip, but that is exactly what the wine called for.  It was beautiful.  Everything a Cabernet needs to be and everything you wish all wines to be.  This wine was rich, full bodied, and intense with flavors of fruit, but low on acidity and smooth, and I mean SMOOTH, on the finish.  And to think, if it weren't for Twitter, I would have never ordered the most expensive glass on the menu.  I'm not only thankful for a new follower on Twitter, but for the opportunity to connect with wineries I am not familiar with, including Pine Ridge and Forefront Vineyards.  


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