Thursday, May 2, 2013

{Thrifty Thursday} Sam&Libby for Target

I remember being much younger and loving the brand knows as "Sam&Libby."  You could find these shoes, most known for their ballerina flats adorned with a tiny little bow in a rainbow of colors at moderately priced retailers like Dillard's and Mervyn's, but suddenly you didn't see the pair but rather the pricier "Sam Edelman" at only higher-end retailers.  I quietly wondered if the pair (or were they a made-up couple or just a brand?) broke up but I went on with my life. 

Well, either I've been asleep for a few years or this couple is passionately reunited, because on May 5, 2013, they are coming back to Target stores near you.  And, by the looks of it, they've gotten a total makeover.  The new Sam&Libby styles have me swooning and there are three pairs in particular that I am eyeing.  These shoes are so awesome, I've already blogged about similar, more expensive pairs here and here.

And PS, Sam and Libby are a real life couple and together they founded the higher-end Sam Edelman after they launched their original brand in 1987.  They are still married.  


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