Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Buy the Yard

I incorporated one of my obsessions into my home office decor.  I loved Neiman’s French Laundry Collection and also the French burlap pillow covers now on sale at Restoration Hardware.  Not wanting to overspend on accent pillows, I went to multiple fabric stores until I found a beautiful and affordable burlap fabric of lovely French script that rivaled accent pillows in collections I’d seen priced between $50 and $150/ pillow at high end home design stores.  I paired my pricier ‘vintage’ fabric with a simple and less expensive blue silk, buying enough fabric to make three pillows.  With custom-sewing labor added (I do not yet know how to make these fancy pillows with the piping), I totally scored another home bargain and spent less than $50. 
I purchased the fabric at Cutting Corners in Dallas.  I already had pillows to stuff, so I just had them make the pillow covers in the same size of the pillows I was replacing.   I found the staff was extremely helpful, and the selection was a dream.  

previously shared color scheme
The new custom pillows


  1. Wow, those are stunning!! I love that you paired it with a plain fabric because it makes it look tres elegant.

  2. So cute and such a great idea!